5W40 Blue Diamond


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5W40 Blue diamond engine oil 100% synthetic

ACEA C3-12; А1/В1-12; A3/B4-08; A5/B5-12
VW 50200/50501
МВ 229.31/229.51/226.5
BMW Longlife 04
GM Dexos 2
Porsche A40
ISO 9001:2008; NATO AQAP 2120

5W40 Blue Diamond is a new generation high-tech multigrade synthetic oil. It guarantees the high protection and excellent lubrication of engine components. This is achieved thanks to a special formula of additives, developed by world-leading manufacturers. The series meets API and SAE standards, covering the American and European requirements for motor oils. 15W40 Blue Diamond retains its viscosity and lubricating properties throughout its lifetime, while also offering anti-corrosion and anti-wear protection. 5W40 Blue Diamond is suitable for all modern engines with exhaust emission filtering systems (AdBlue, DPF, FAP and others).


1L, 4L


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